Stating My Heart Desires for 2023 – Ready for Direction

I realize that we cannot make demands of God, but we can certainly petition Him. And I’m doing just that.

It will be awesome to look back at the end of 2023 and see how God worked in my life. What He provided and what He said No to or maybe, not yet, or maybe…this is better! I know from my years of living that His plans are always better than mine and often outside my greatest imagination.

2023 – The Year of Intention

I recently Googled the difference between resolution and intention. And I was inspired by what I found. A resolution is the end result you are striving for…like I am going to the gym every day or I’m going to cut back on xyz bad habit and so on. But an intention is the path to […]

Anger serves

Just before Christmas, things got really bad. I mean, I am really, really struggling with the literal overnight end of my 5 year relationship. There was no lead up, no blow up, no issues we were working through…just a text message overnight “You win, I’m not coming.” This was literally 1 1/2 weeks before he […]

Peri-menopause Mood Swings Suck – but I am Not Crazy!

I ‘googled” menopause and mood swings this afternoon. It was such a relief to realize that while peri-menopause sucks, I am not crazy! The amount of ads and then subsequent listings made me feel a bit better. Evidently, I’m not the only one with this concern. I feel crazy. It is like riding a roller […]

Is He your right hand? I’m Failing!

When I woke this morning and began preparing for my day, I realized that although I am making a point to spend some time with God each morning with a devotional and my Bible. The rest of the day…well, I don’t think of it at all. He is definitely not my Right Hand as today’s […]

He loves us like that?

My youngest child got his drivers license yesterday. That in a nutshell is what has triggered this seeking in my life, not being as needed in my primary role as mom. And what was funny is that the example used in my devotional was a mom’s connection to her children. Details are Important But first […]

Faith is not a feeling – Finding my calling

I have been feeling like there is something else for me recently. Some other calling on my life. In reality, as my baby gets his driver’s license and becomes more independent, I have been feeling a bit lost. And maybe like this was it, the need for me was over. I could settle in and […]