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Released and Free

I am a single, foster adoptive mom of 5 amazing humans and a whole pack of dogs. I write to heal and grow myself and am setting out a new journey of discovering who I am when MOM is not my primary title. Want to join me?

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Hope writes not only here personally, but also on a number of personal finance and small business sites to guide other parents seeking a different way to financially support and be present in their kids’ day to day lives.

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Hope speaks to mom groups and solopreneurs on the challenges of having it all and what that looks like. She offers hilarious commentary of the life and times of a single mom with a busy consulting firm.

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Hope’s Story

Separated from my husband in the early 2000’s after my second child was born after several years of physical abuse, I chose to work as a small business consultant so that I could be present in my kids’ lives.

As the years progressed, I fulfilled a life long dream of becoming a foster parent which led to the adoption of my oldest two children, twin boys. Then as my youngest two entered the public school system after a move from Virginia to Georgia, my oldest daughter joined our family.

Now as the children are all “grown,” I am trying to figure out who I am when MOM isn’t my daily title or role any longer.

What does this next phase of life look like?