I recently Googled the difference between resolution and intention. And I was inspired by what I found.

A resolution is the end result you are striving for…like I am going to the gym every day or I’m going to cut back on xyz bad habit and so on. But an intention is the path to get you there.

This year, my plan is to live intentionally. In everything I do. Over the last month as I took a much needed break from social media, I wrote alot. I let my mind wander and didn’t gatekeep I wrote, I just let it out. Some of it is so powerful (and some of it is a bit scary.)

But here are on the cusp of New Years Eve, sitting in my NYC hotel room, it’s time to document my plan. At least the beginnings of it…

My 2023 Intentions

You always believe…

I’ve been reading, studying really Sharon Jaynes book When You Don’t Like Your Story. Boy, did I need this message on so many levels. But I want to give you a quote from my reading yesterday. And it’s something we all need to hear.

“Victim or victorious? You get to choose. Realigning what you think about your true identity to match what God says about you changes everything. You cannot act differently than you think. If you think you are disqualified, then you will shrink back when God is calling you to step out.”

Sharon Jaynes, When You Don’t Like Your Story, pg 172

The battle for your own mind is one of the toughest ones you will ever face. And I can certainly testify to that. This past year has taken it’s toll on every aspect of my mental health and mindset. From realizing just how much of my identity was tied up with my professional accomplishments to struggling with the abandonment by the man who spent 5 years convincing me that he loved me.

But YOU CAN renew your mindset and replace the negative with a whole new perspective. And I’m going to do exactly that this coming year. Because remember…you always believe what you tell yourself.

Change your thoughts

So start today. Tell yourself the truth, the truth of how you are:

And that’s just beginning of what God has to say about each of us. I just need to start believing it rather than giving it lip service.

Here’s to a new, improved me…on so many levels. Bring it on, 2023, I am ready for what’s to come!

Hope at Chelsea Market in NYC
Chelsea Market showing off my new hat and gloves!

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